About This Project


Tradeshow and Exhibit Interactive Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Video wall by Horizon Display

Client: Hertz

Collaborators: Jack Morton, Push Offices

Application: Traveling Pop-Up Exhibit

Technology: (1) 85" Monitor, (3) 75" 32 Point Touch Screen

As the largest U.S. car rental corporation by sales, Hertz is no stranger to getting folks where they need to go. Hertz offers rentals on cars, trucks, vans and equipment as well as vehicle sales.


Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark P. Frissora, said, “Hertz 24/7 is revolutionary because it combines the technology and on-demand service associated with car sharing with the operational and logistical capabilities of a global car rental company to create a new universal car rental service.” So they needed a revolutionary and exciting exhibit to match.

Hertz wanted to create a “pop-up” interactive exhibit to advertise their marketing strategy for their new 24/7 hourly car rental service. This exhibit would travel across the country to different car shows and events. We were asked to provide the hardware for this interactive experience.

Tradeshow and Exhibit Interactive Sunlight Readable Touchscreen Video wall by Horizon Display


The main issue with this project was the environmental variability for the exhibit. It could start it’s travel in mild weather like North Carolina and end up overheating in Texas’ sun.

The hardware demands were straightforward. The hitch was at the same time this exhibit needed to be more resilient than other technology to withstand the travel and diverse habitats.

Tradeshow and Exhibit Interactive Sunlight Readable Touch Screen by Horizon Display


We custom designed this hardware to withstand harsh weather. We added special glass to cut down on glare and reflection. We also designed a bezel to protect the touch screen from direct sunlight.

Each of the three large scale touch screen contained a different aspect of the Hertz 24/7 story. The first touch screen described the expansive Hertz fleet. The second showed the new technology behind Hertz including RFID cards and Near Field Communications-enabled smartphones. The last touchscreen displayed a map of near-by Hertz vehicles and popular locations.

This was an example of providing an innovative product, beyond simple service, with the client’s exact needs in mind. We provided them with personalized hardware made for their presentation plan. By working with us they got the hardware they needed and specialized care to elevate their exhibit. Now they are ready to be on the go just like their 24/7 service.

Tradeshow and Exhibit Interactive Sunlight Readable Touch Displays by Horizon Display