About This Project




Client: Intel

Collaborators: DCI Marketing

Application: Shop-in-shop interactive experience inside Best Buy stores

Technology: Custom Interactive Touch Tables & 84" PCAP Monitors


Intel is best known for producing the microprocessors found in many personal computers. The company also makes a range of other hardware including network cards, motherboards, and graphics chips. Intel created the first commercial microprocessor chip in 1971, but it was not until the success of the personal computer that microprocessors became their primary business. In the 1980’s they were an early developer of SRAM and DRAM memory chip, and during the 1990s they invested heavily in new microprocessor designs and in fostering the rapid growth of the PC industry.


As an organization that is revered for pushing boundaries, and challenging the status quo, Intel sought to inspire the younger generation with a shop-in-shop experience in 50 Best Buys across the country. Their primary goal was to utilize their own products to showcase advancements in technology in an exciting, new way. While DCI Marketing developed the concept, they still needed the tools and expertise to turn this vision into a digital reality. DCI and Intel turned to us to help bring their inspired idea to fruition.

Retail Interactive Experience Intel at Best Buy by Horizon Display Product Marketing Touch Table



Through independent research, Intel has uncovered that while 8 out of 10 Americans are excited about new technologies, half are frustrated with their lack of access to such products.

First and foremost, they aimed for their shop-in-shop to be centered around a fantastic PR campaign, not simply on building sales. Intel envisioned a new way for customers to experience new technologies by giving them the opportunity to touch, interact with and learn about the latest and greatest advancements to come. They sought to accomplish this by giving users access to products and services that their technology is featured in, and what the future of their brand holds. 

Retail Interactive Experience Intel at Best Buy by Horizon Display Product Marketing Touch Table


We recognized this experience as an amazing opportunity to build something unique. In-store experiences like this are on the cusp of an evolution, and we saw the potential for this format to include new products and technologies as they are released. We also had the opportunity to develop a new class of touch table that was durable enough for high traffic situations.


When engineering this custom solution, Horizon Display had to determine how to make a complex solution easy to assemble and sturdy enough to stand up to high user interactivity. Horizon engineered a custom table using four 46” NEC X46UN-2 monitors to form a right angled highly engaging table. The top monitors were covered with anti-glare protection glass and the bottom with projected capacitive touch technology on anti-glare glass. The end result was an 84” diagonal 2×2 array equipped with 40 point multi-touch screaming for engagement.


Horizon’s custom interactive table solution is featured in 50 Best Buys across the nation. The cutting edge table provides a hands-on exploration of Intel technology including 3D printing, Mars Escape Augmented Reality, DJ Remixing Ne-Yo experience, and a traditional product gallery.

Retail Interactive Experience Intel at Best Buy by Horizon Display