About This Project



Client: Toyota

Collaborators: George P. Johnson, Juxt Interactive

Application: Interactive Video Wall for Exhibits & Tradeshows

Technology: (3) 65" Interactive Displays

Toyota creates some of the most advanced, reliable and safe vehicles in the market today. It starts with their manufacturing principles and management philosophy. As a company, they are always looking for ways to improve operations, challenging themselves to innovate, looking to collaborate, and improving each day in everything they do.


The goal was three-fold: position Toyota as an innovative company by creating a unique digital experience at the North American Auto Show circuit; attract people to the space; and showcase the all-new 2011 Toyota Prius.


With the help of partners, we created a first-of-its-kind, 60-square-foot digital touch screen experience that allowed consumers to explore videos, photos, and custom content through a larger-than-life interactive surface.

It was crafted to tell three key brand stories, each centered on a different aspect of the Prius. A wealth of content was used to help bring the Technology, Safety, and Lifestyle stories to life for the audience, including three levels of play built into the interactive user experience that made it both fun to touch and memorable.

Finally, pathways were created to guide attendees to connect via their smart phone, request more information, and identify local dealers.


This larger than life experiential digital platform drew a crowd into Toyota’s booth in every city, leading Event Marketer magazine to call it “the belle of the ball.”

An easy-to-use customizable CMS allowed Toyota’s event team to amortize the hardware costs be creating a system that could be kept current year over year. The experience was so successful that a smaller scale version of the experience was commissioned for the regional auto shows.