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Multi-touch interactive tables create the best collaboration. Engage your audience from every angle on a dynamic surface.

Bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds with an inviting touch table. Tempt your audience to sit back and explore your brand on a whole new level.

White Acrylic Interactive Touch Table by Horizon Display for Retail

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Interactive Touch Table with Fuse Touch Software by Horizon Display Wood Grain and Metal
Multi-user Interactive touch table
Interactive Touch Table with Fuse Touch Software by Horizon Display

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The beginning stage of defining your interactive strategy starts with developing the concept. This is the time to meet with all departments and stakeholders to craft the business objectives for your interactive experience.

When planning for a Multi-touch table there are a lot of things to consider, such as:

  • How many people will be interacting with with the table at a time?
  • Should the table stand out in its surroundings or coordinate with existing decor.
  • Will it be in a large communal environment or a private space?
  • Will this be a sitting or a standing table?
Tips & Tricks Interactive Touch Table by Horizon Display

Choose the finish

The environment and decor will be the biggest influence in what your table exterior is made from.

Wood: When stained or lacquered, a wooden exterior can give the space a beautiful modern or eclectic look. Just remember wood may warp if it is in an environment with very high humidity.

Acrylic: In our opinion, this is one of the most modern and contemporary options for a touch table exterior. It can be polished to have a high shine, and there are many color and transparency options. However, this material scratches relatively easy, so it may not be the best for high traffic areas.

Metal: With unlimited color options, metal multi-touch tables are rigid and sturdy. So unlike acrylic tables, they are perfect for high traffic areas. However, custom shaping of these tables is somewhat limited.

Glass: An etched or back painted glass multi-touch table is one of the most beautiful designs we’ve seen, but this beauty comes at a price. Glass tables are heavy and delicate. They chip, scratch and your fasteners will probably be visible.

Best Practices Interactive Touch Table by Horizon Display

Upgrade the glass


This is standard for any interactive display, so this should be the minimum expectation. Make sure it is included in your solution – and if it’s not, that should raise a major red flag.


This lighter alternative is safer and stronger than strengthened glass. It can take a beating, making it ideal for high-traffic areas and your best bet when it comes to protecting your investment.


This is a must-have feature for a multi- touch table in a well lit environment. The slight etch provides excellent optical properties in a wide range of light conditions and also minimizes the appearance of fingerprints.

How to Interactive Touch Table by Horizon Display

Create the interface

There will be users on every side of the table, so the interface should be designed to interact comfortably from any angle.

Like a software application built for landscape running in portrait orientation, a software application designed for an interactive video wall will not have the same fluid User Experience when run on a table. Ensure your software solution is optimized for table-based applications.

It’s important to create not only a beautiful and functional experience but one that can be enjoyed at any angle. Adding extra features like object recognition and RFID will personalize the User Experience and provide more value in your interactive experience.

Let Us Design A Custom Table for You

Our design team can create the perfect interactive table with your environment, brand and budget in mind. Choose your ideal finish, size and table features. It’s simpler than you think and something we love to do.

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Interactive Touchscreen Table for Real Estate by Horizon Display

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With Fuse, create an interactive touchscreen application that showcases your brand and products in an easy to navigate interactive interface. Easily deploy a proven interactive experience that educates your audience and increases brand loyalty. 

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