interactive multi-touch kiosks

by Horizon Display

choose from our ready-made kiosks or we will custom build to your specification

our interactive multi-touch kiosks stand at attention diverting the flow of receptive traffc into a captive audience. an impressive immersive experience surrounds your target audience on their journey of sensory exploration from a user- friendly multi-touch interface offering a wealth of information at their finger tips.

  • professionally customized to match your concept or brand
  • easy navigation with Windows 8 Apps or multi-touch software options
  • utilizes your core business objective to measure kiosk performance in realtime
  • meets americans with disabilities act (ADA) standards.

imaginque: multi-touch interactive kiosk

the Imaginique multi-touch interactive kiosk is perfect for giving your target audience the power to learn more about your brand.

  • Available with a 42” or 46” touch screen with up to 32 points of touch
  • Designed to be fully serviceable from the front
  • Anti-tipping base plate for free standing positioning or choose to bolt to the floor ultimate security and minimalistic foot print
  • Softer edges with an immersive tilted face to stop visitors in their tracks

multi-touch interactive kiosk

visionista is a self service multi-touch interactive kiosk designed to complement any corporate or professional decor.

  • Available with a 46” with up to 32 points of touch
  • Audience facing unique branding experience with Plexiglas logo façade
  • Anti-tipping base plate design for free standing positioning
  • PC is serviceable from the rear and touch screen from the front

visionista in the news!

we invite you to watch the video below to learn how our energy-efficient visionista multi-touch kiosks are being used to create a rewarding brand experience that disrupts the flow of traffic to capture the attention of the target audience with mind blowing results. at horizon display, our imaginations run wild.

custom engineered
multi-touch kiosks

our custom engineered multi-touch kiosks are expertly crafted to harmonize with your brand and adapt to its surroundings. this is a fun and creative way to passively invite your target audience to engage with your brand using an intuitive multi-touch display, visitors of all ages can create a unique personal experience while exploring in a virtual experience that helps them find what they are looking for. it’s an innovative approach for generating additional sales and incremental revenue!


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  • a good listener
  • pretty good looking
  • a dynamic speaker
  • had interesting things to say
  • left you wanting more

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