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We deliver business results through interactive solutions

Our touch applications and interactive surfaces are designed for growing startups and national brands to improve their competitive advantage. Smart collaboration between innovative people leads to great business solutions that drive results.

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Stunning Touch Surfaces

Deliver an immersive, dynamic brand experience to your audience with monitors wrapped in the latest modern hardware designs.

Our customizable touch tables will bring your interactive vision to life; bridging the gap between digital and physical world.

Invite your users on a journey of sensory exploration with our multi-touch kiosks, offering a wealth of information at their finger tips.

Multi-user touch video walls create an impact. Designed to capture attention, they are sure to draw users in for an unique experience.

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Touch Apps For Your Business

Create your own effective applications without having to code a thing. 

  • Build industry specific apps using the Fuse cloud platform
  • Perfect for agencies looking to create experiences for multiple clients
  • Get started immediately without having to hassle with sales or complicated product demos.
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Creating a successful interactive solution takes more than just installing a touch monitor on a wall. It starts with providing an experience your audience is interested in and delivering it in a captivating way. Benefit from Horizon's years of experience seeing the good, the bad and the ugly in interactive touchscreen deployments with our free, valuable resources.


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