take smart and seasoned people from multiple disciplines with a passion for interactive technology, and put them all under one roof. what do you get?

you get horizon display, a team of do’ers, thinkers, creators, organizers, innovators and developers - all working together to bring your interactive strategy to life.

we look at the world through tempered and chemically stengthened glasses. we do touch screens, but we’re not just another touch screen company. we’re inspired by your vision, and together we can tweak, mold and stretch that vision into one that will get you the success you desire. we’re here to wow you, so you can wow your audience.

now enough about us - what about you?

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meet our creative team today!

we’d like to learn more about your marketing and brand, and you’d like to know more about our approach, our technology, and our company.

we’re a full-service team that aims to build a shared understanding with our clients around their project goals, audience needs, requirements, and constraints. why? a solid understanding of the problem is imperative to designing the right solution.

we work as a team to identify the best way to employ interactive technology to meet business goals and delight audiences. to do so, we story frame an interface and interactive strategy based on our agreed-upon objectives and priorities. we then present this story frame to our clients, sharing our rationale behind each element and why our concept will be successful.

with our client’s approval, our team will develop high-level concepts for the structure, interaction, and visual interface. at this stage, client communications and candid critiques are essential.

working collectively, we define a conceptual framework, look, and feel – which could expand into a whole new brand. from this, an interface and interactivity are designed – all led by the strategy we established at the very beginning.

once hardware and software are designed, we manage installation, integration, warranties, cloud hosting, and ongoing technical support.

Meet Horizon Display
Sketching the Story Frame- Horizon Display
Research- Horizon Display Strategy- Horizon Display Stephen Gladden- Creative Director of Horizon Display Interactive Project Launch- Horizon Display Technical Support and customer satisfaction


speak to a display solutions specialist about your
interactive strategy today!

we pair function with format to help you make an extraordinary impact – whether connecting with one or one thousand. Deliver an immersive, dynamic, and interactive brand experience wrapped in the latest modern hardware designs and engineered to deliver measurable results.

connect with your audience like never before through technology that engages multiple senses. Speak, listen, guide, and respond to requests with interactive video walls, ergonomic touch tables, touch-screen walls, interactive kiosks, multi-touch monitors and displays. Present in high-efficiency LED and integrate seamlessly with other systems and components to capture your audience and maximize ROI.

our display solutions specialist will work with you to identify a superior product based on your objectives, specifications, industry, and inspirations. We manage hardware strategy, sourcing, integration, installation, and ongoing support.


captivate audiences when they’re near the purchasing decision, attending an event, at a stadium, or on campus with a custom-branded touch screen experience. We extend your people and your brand experience through audio, video, imagery, 3D elements, and interactivity.

collaborate with our creative director and display solutions specialist to outline requirements and build a strategy for your new touch screen and multi-touch software. We manage the entire process including system and interface design, content development, and remote system monitoring. We further embed software with real-time analytics and reporting tools that you can then use to alter the experience or apply downstream to merchandising, media messaging, product and service development, logistics, and other business critical applications. Software is platform agnostic and built to deliver exceptional usability, engagement, and accessibility.

promote, sell, capture leads, minimize staff workload, enhance information sharing, and elevate your customer’s experience. We deliver high-performance software design for clients in all industries.

here, user experience isn’t an after thought. it’s our only thought.

we’re a select group of idea-seekers, productive creators, consultants, advisors, and marketing mavens who find inspiration both in the office meeting and during ballerina tea parties with our children at home. Here at Horizon Display, we obsess over our customers, not our competitors.

our culture is centered on an appreciation of the experience, whether sharing in the excitement of a campaign launch or soaking in the rays at our company cook-off. These experiences offer time to devise winning strategies that deliver measurable results for our clients.

our tight-knit crew unites left-brain and right-brain thinkers including our methodical project manager, our Zoology-major-turned-tech-geek display solutions specialist, and our gregarious marketing manager and branding extraordinaire.