About This Project


Client: Tag Heuer

Collaborators: MagicInk Interactive, Video Visions, Cal Ostlund

Application: Brand Immersion Summit

Technology: 46" Touch Monitors with Anti-Glare

As a global style leader, TAG Heuer excels in the design, manufacturing and marketing of watches, eyewear and a variety of other luxury fashion accessories.


TAG Heuer wanted to create a dynamic experience for their Brand Immersion Summit. The theme, “The Art of Manufacturing,” inspired a watchmaker’s lab for the regional reps attending the summit. They wanted to engage and train their representatives using powerful interactive technologies.


AG Heuer’s Summit took place in six cities. This meant that designs had to be portable, resilient, and ultimately adaptable to different spaces.

Brand Immersion Interactive Touch Table Summit by Horizon Display Tag Heuer Product Marketing


We built 10 units of 46-inch touch screens with Anti-Glare glass for this traveling event. These later became interactive ‘watchmaker’ touch tables accommodating seating for up to five users.

The tables were paired with custom software allowing for reps to engage in the summit’s training sessions and turn quizzes into competitive games. Games at a professional conference! This isn’t your average summit. The interactivity maximized excitement and incentivized their reps to pay closer attention.

To build this engaging brand immersion experience required collaboration. It was through the work of MagicInk Interactive, Video Visions, Cal Ostlund, and little old us, that this summit became the chic and sleek exhibit you see here.

Brand Immersion Interactive Touch Table Summit by Horizon Display Tag Heuer