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Take “bigger is better” to new heights with multi-user interactive video walls.

Interactive video walls create the largest “wow factor” in your interactive strategy. They easily capture attention and draw multiple users in for a unique personalized experience. The ultimate show piece.

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Retail Nike 4x4 46" Touch Interactive Video Wall by Horizon Display

Common Video Wall Sizes

2x2 portrait Interactive Video Wall By Horizon Display


2x2 landscape Interactive Video Wall By Horizon Display



3x3 landscape Interactive Video Wall By Horizon Display



4x4 landscape Interactive Video Wall By Horizon Display



4x2 landscape Interactive Video Wall By Horizon Display



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Our Display Solution Specialists will work alongside your team to understand and determine the best option for your business goals and  interactive strategy. With your budget, time frame and desired business objective in mind, we will work to help you create the interactive video wall experience you are looking for. We’ll even handle the heavy lifting and ongoing support you need.

Step 1: Understand your budget, time frame and business objective
At the start of any interactive project, identifying project goals & requirements are a key to success.

Step 2: Choose the best size & configuration
Determine the best location & approximate dimensions for your new wall.

Step 3: Spec the technologies
A lot goes into a video wall. Our Specialists can identify all the hardware.

Step 4: Installation and support
Our professional installers and advanced support services can make execution a breeze.

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These impressive interactive experiences have many options to consider that can drastically effect price and complexity of installation.

Our team of interactive video wall experts can help you navigate through the choices and pros and cons of installing a multi-touch video wall that will fit within your budget and timeframe. Our specialists can help determine the best video wall to meet your needs and interactive strategy.

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Google Interactive Experience Custom In-Wall Video Wall by Horizon Display

Touchscreen Software

For Your Video Wall

With Fuse, create an interactive touchscreen application that showcases your brand and products in an easy to navigate interactive interface. Easily deploy a proven interactive experience that educates your audience and increases brand loyalty. 

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