About This Project


Interactive Touch Table Technology Learning Corporate Center Medical Company by Horizon Display

Client: Catamaran RX (now a part of Optum RX)

Collaborators: AVI-SPL, Spin Touch

Application: Interactive Innovation Center

Technology: 1x4 Portrait Table with 32 Point Touch, 1x2 Landscape Touch Table with 6 Point Touch, Four 2x2 Landscape Video Walls with 32 Point Touch

Catamaran is now a part of Optum RX, a health services and innovation company. With a mission to help make the health system better for everyone, they collaborate with partners across the system to lead change. Together, the are transforming health care for a better future for everyone they serve. They deliver comprehensive solutions on a system-wide scale with a focus on technology and modernizing the health care system.


The innovative company wanted an innovative center to revolutionize their client’s experience with them.

It’s one thing to tell people you are going to implement ground breaking innovations as you provide service for them. It’s another to show them.

They wanted an area for just that. A dynamic space to interact with clients and guests showcasing their company’s brand and goals. This had to be more than a stylish sitting area because Catamaran is raising the bar on their client’s experience.

AVI-SPL brought us in to enhance video conferencing. Then Spin Touch, who designed custom software for Catamaran, brought us in for interactive touch tables.

Interactive Coffee Table for Corporate Lobby by Horizon Display

The biggest challenge with this project was the touch tables. We had not designed a product like this, at this point in time. So we had to innovate ourselves to build a great interactive table.

Interactive Touch Table Technology Learning Corporate Center Medical Company by Horizon Display


This center turned into so much more than just a place to receive clients. The interactivity spans almost every touchable surface in the center. We provided 4 2×2 landscape video walls with 32 point touch that AVI-SPL made an interactive wall recognizing touch and gestures.

We collaborated with both Spin Touch and Catamaran personnel to design two tables. We provided 1×4 portrait interactive touch table with 32 point touch to make a coffee table. Another table was designed with 1×2 landscape interactive touch with 6 point touch.

On top of touch interactivity both tables were fully functioning and included chemically strengthened and spill proof glass. RFID technology was used in the table which enabled client recognition to provide a personalized experience.

Collaboration with AVI-SPL, Spin Touch, and Catamaran built an exciting unique space. The innovation center highlighted their pursuit for better health by combining data and technology. This multi-media center taps into all that Catamaran offers: dynamic and quality service; constant innovation; and client centered approach. Interactive technology and presentation has built a space to engage clients with Catamaran’s ground breaking advances. In fact, it makes pharmaceutical benefit management exciting…and that is hard to do.

Interactive Touchscreen Video walls Corporate Education Center by Horizon Display
2X2 Multi-Touch Wall