About This Project


Client: Cummins Emissions Solutions

Collaborators: Blue Pony, Hamilton Exhibits

Application: Interactive Transparent LCD For Tradeshows

Technology: Infrared 6 Point Touch Screen with Acrylic Substrate

Cummins Emission Solutions is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and integrating exhaust after treatment technology and solutions for the commercial on- and off-highway light-duty medium-duty, heavy-duty and high-horsepower engine markets. Dedicated to innovation and dependability in meeting global emission regulations, Cummins Emission Solutions develops and produces various emission solutions. These solutions are designed to meet the highest emissions standards worldwide.


Today’s fast pace society demands fashion, innovation, and interactivity in all fields. Having a great product isn’t enough, you have to find ways to showcase the product in an engaging way that differentiates it and gets people talking.

That was the vision behind Cummins Emissions Solutions trade show launch of their new compact emissions filter. Blue Pony came to Horizon to collaborate on a way to really highlight this new trucking product providing the audience with a way to see the physical product and also interact with it to learn about it’s features and capabilities.

Transparent touch screen LED Tradeshow & Exhibits by Horizon Display


There are a lot of ways to implement interactivity into a presentation, or in this case a trade show, but not all forms of interactivity are equal in all situations.

We really wanted to pull back the curtain and unveil the sophistication and technology that went into the product in a way that left the audience informed and entertained. We realized a transparent touchscreen would accomplish this and create the drama the client was looking for.

The technology would consist of dual sided 55′ transparent interactive LCD with the actual product in between the two outer pieces of acrylic. The design was brilliant because it allowed users on both sides of the device the opportunity to interact and created optimal audience flow inside the tradeshow booth. Together with Blue Pony and Hamilton Exhibits, the company who created the display, we put our heads together to create a dynamite experience in a short 6 week time frame.

Transparent touch screen LED Tradeshow & Exhibits by Horizon Display


The cutting edge design resulted in a fabulous interactive display that was the hit of the show.

This Transparent LCD Touch Box was the result of Blue Pony’s ideas, Hamilton Exhibit’s work, and Horizon Display’s advice. When partner’s understand each other’s value exciting results are inevitable. Our previous work with Blue Pony lent itself to a strong collaborative relationship.

Transparent touch screen LED Tradeshow & Exhibits by Horizon Display

Transparent touch screen LED Tradeshow & Exhibits by Horizon Display

Transparent touchscreen LED Tradeshow & Exhibits by Horizon Display